My art encompasses several disciplines, spanning across painting, collage, sketches and printmaking. However, for the last few years I have mainly worked with drawing, printmaking and collage. I prefer to work varied and experiment with different techniques, often with a surreal expression. I have been experimenting with collage for several years and really enjoy how it inspires one to be more playful. I often choose to mix other media into the collages, such as thread, gold leaf or soft pastel, to give the work some more depth and texture.

          The inspiration for my drawings dates back to my childhood, where I spent many hours home alone with tonsillitis. As there was no internet and limited television in the 80’s, I spent a lot of time studying the knots on the floorboards, the texture of the paint on the wall and the evolving shadows cast by the sun during the day. In these patterns and shapes I could see many curious creatures and characters that became the start of an amazing universe that has followed me ever since. I particularly enjoy experiencing the reaction of others when they see them. Often they recall an emotion, an experience or even a person they know.

I hope my art can give you a little escapism from reality, or at least bring a little smile to your face.